Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mexico City, Mexico.

Not a recent trip, but relevant.  It has many unexpected,  beautiful fountains of life.  Whether it is for food, art, music, or shopping.  Go.  Mexico City has an undeniable weight on the international scene.  Here are photos from my trip, but not limited to my experience.  If you are up to going please inquire and I will give you the complete guide.  Enjoy-

Stumbled upon a billiards room.  Open all day, and I think all night.  Played a couple of rounds, fared well, but was distracted by the retro beauty of the place.  

We stayed at the amazing Condesa Hotel, and I suggest a room with a balcony.  They are very romantic and give you a view, but more importantly a feeling of the neighborhood and a great rooftop bar overlooking the city. 

The local market that is not on the map and not for the uptown locals.  No need to try to blend in, they recognize you as a foreigner, but don't hold it against you.  They invite you to smell, taste, and of course buy.  Still can't stop thinking of the women selling squash blossoms.  Wanted to buy the whole bag and bring them back to NYC, stuff them with cheese and put them on every restaurant's menu.  I was definitely at market with a hole in my bag. 

An unexpected lunch companion, the bicycle knife sharpener-

My Serenade-